Early Stage Pricing


We’re just getting started! As we build out the platform, and until we reach a certain number of people on the network, monthly membership is free. After we hit our magic number, we’ll begin rolling out subscription-based membership options.

Service Fee for Firms

Currently, to use the platform and all its features, PrepLink will charge a service fee to firms. The fee is an additional 5% of the sum that a freelancer charges for services rendered, with a minimum fee of $20. This will be added as a line item in any invoice sent to a firm by a freelancer.

Payment Processing Fee for Freelancers

PrepLink does not currently charge freelancers a service fee to use the platform, but please note that freelancers will absorb the 2.9% transaction fee charged by Stripe, our payment processing vendor, when they receive payment on an invoice, from a firm.

Thank You!

We’re especially grateful to those who choose to join early, as your feedback is essential to perfecting the platform and our process. Thank you!

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