Getting Started as a Firm is quick and easy.

Create your account and build your profile.

After you create an account, you’ll be asked to complete your firm’s profile. Once you Publish your profile, we’ll quickly verify your info and approve you as a member of the network. You’ll then be able to post jobs, search for freelancers, create teams, and message others on the network – in whatever order you’d like!

*Note: Your firm’s profile is not visible in the Network Search. It only becomes accessible/visible to other members when you post a job or message someone directly.

Post a Job

Once you’re approved as a firm, you can immediately begin posting new work opportunities. Our system allows for fixed-fee or hourly engagements. When posting a job, you’ll have the ability to provide:

  • Preferred Job Listing Visibility (team or network-wide)
  • Start date and End-Date
  • Budget OR Requested Hours per week
  • Description of the type of work to be done
  • Requested services and specializations
  • Preferred level of experience

You  may post the job listing to the entire network (where all freelancers can see and apply for it), or, if you prefer it to be seen only by certain people, you can post it to one of your teams.

Search for freelancers - and message them directly

If you’d prefer to search the network for freelancers before you post a job, we’ve got you covered. Our robust search feature allows you to narrow you search based on any keyword or relevant filter (experience level, location, services, specializations, certifications, etc). Additionally, you may reach out to any freelancer directly using our in-app messaging system.

Create Teams

Use our Teams feature to save and organize your favorite freelancers by skillset, experience level, specialization (or any criteria you choose). You may then post a job listing directly to a team, where it will only be visible and open to those team members. Using Teams is a simple and efficient way to get jobs posted quickly – and to ensure they’re being seen by freelancers with the relevant skillset.

We’ve just launched, which means membership is currently free. Sign up today, or schedule a call with Sean (our cofounder and resident CPA) to learn more.