Firm FAQs

No, PrepLink is a private platform which requires membership before viewing or engaging in any activity.

Upon creating an account, all firms are required to complete a profile that verifies your existence as a firm. Once approved, you may engage in activity, such as searching for freelancers, posting jobs, creating teams and collaborating with other members. Before posting your first job, you’ll be prompted to enter credit card details, to ensure timely payment to the freelancer with whom you collaborate.

Currently, to use the platform and all its features, PrepLink charges a service fee to firms after they have collaborated with a freelancer . The fee is an additional 5% of the sum that a freelancer charges for services rendered, with a minimum fee of $20. This will be added as a line item in any invoice sent to a firm by a freelancer.

We will eventually begin offering subscription-based membership packages. Learn more about the Pricing here.

Yes! After you join as a firm, you’ll have the ability to also add yourself as a freelancer, upon submitting the requisite application. Once approved, your account will consist of your Firm’s profile and your Freelancer profile and you’ll have the ability to create jobs and accept jobs (i.e.provide services).

Jobs can support a fixed-fee contract price where the firm either sets a budget, or accepts flat quotes from freelancers, or an hourly engagement model, where a freelancer is paid by the hour at their hourly rate.

Firms will need to have the ability to bring on remote workers through hosted desktop or other remote solution.  The best solution to bring on remote workers might vary from firm to firm.  For many firms, a hosted desktop is the most secure method of bringing on remote workers.  In this scenario, firms can control how much or little the remote workers have access to, and the desktop is independent of the firm’s server.

If you need, or prefer, a remote solution, PrepLink has partnered with an IT firm who specializes in working with CPA firms. We can guide your firm to develop the best and safest process. Please contact us if you would like to learn more.

As with anything, good communication is key.

Any and all issues should be communicated as soon as possible with the person you’re working with, if it becomes evident that the scope of the project does not match the contract price that was initially presented, or unforeseen issues arise.

We’ve designed the workflow area to encourage collaborators to work out potential conflicts on their own as much as possible (though your feedback on how we can make that even better will be essential).

Nothing. But we ask that you let us know why it was easier to work outside the network so we can make PrepLink better.

Our goal is to offer the most value possible, and to become your go-to solution for expanding your network, building your remote workforce, and offering more services and greater value to your own clients.

Have another question? Ask us by clicking on the live chat icon at the bottom right of your screen, or send us a message.