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Dear People of Public Accounting,

We created PrepLink because we want you to have a better life.

Nope, scratch that… we’re building PrepLink because we want you to thrive.

We want firms to expand their offerings and add value to their clients they never imagined possible.

We want to ease the pain of long hours, brutal busy seasons and high rate of industry burn-out.

We want people to spend more time with their families, do more of the things they love to do, while gaining greater satisfaction from their work.

We want to create more opportunities and more avenues for success within the industry.

We want to make accounting more efficient, more valuable and more lucrative for everyone.

We want you to get excited about what’s possible in public accounting.

We want these things because we're in public accounting too, and we give a damn about its future.

We believe there's a better way - let's create it, together.

Are you with us?

Our Story So Far

A Timeline

March 2017

Cofounder, CPA, and totally ordinary guy, Sean, comes home after a long day during tax season, worn-out and missing his family… but he has an idea. His wife Emily says, ‘It’s ambitious, but it’s good’.

April 2017

He bounces the idea around to colleagues and partners at other firms, receiving significant interest and curiosity…and a few raised eyebrows. He begins obsessively researching what it takes to launch a startup.

June 2017

Sean realizes he must go ‘all-in’ if he is to pursue a project this big and complex. He and Emily have some serious conversations about the future. Hence forth, ‘Eye of the Tiger’ plays on repeat in the background of their life.

July 2017

Sean tells the partners at his firm about his plan to pursue his idea. He begins working part-time. Sean recruits Emily, a designer, to help create the product and co-found the company with him…with two small children at home.

Aug 2017

Together, Emily and Sean recruit software engineer and third cofounder, Aaron (otherwise known as ‘the mighty powerful wizard’). They plan on a December 2017 launch date. Emily begins designing the platform.

Sept 2017

Sean begins harassing every firm and CPA in the Charleston, SC area, in hopes of pitching his idea to them. Learns how difficult ‘sales’ is…but ears are perking up and folks are starting to believe in the vision.

Oct – Nov 2017

Lots of meetings, decision-making, and planning. Sean stops working at the CPA firm altogether and begins working full-time on PrepLink. Emily acquires 83 additional grey hairs.

Dec 2017

December comes and goes without launching. Aaron lets Sean and Emily know he needs three more months of development time. Sean begins meditating in an effort not to hyperventilate.

Jan 2018

Sean lets his early adopters know about the delay, with his tail tucked between his legs. Aaron continues coding like a maniac. Sean and Emily try to decide WTF they’re going to do for three months.

February 2018

Sean decides to start his own firm, with the goal of ‘becoming his customer’. Learns how hard this is and has new appreciation for firm owners. Realizes he knows nothing about marketing. Crash-course ensues.

March 2018

Emily designs and builds PrepLink’s new marketing website (yes, this one!). Aaron continues to code. Sean decides he’s going to make some videos of him talking about PrepLink. Needs a haircut first. Videos coming soonish.

August 2018

We’ve officially launched (finally!). Let’s keep this timeline going… with you in it! Sign up below to get started!

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